You want to reach high, but are afraid of falling under those easily breakable steps. You want to speak up, but are afraid of being silenced by the loudness of their negativity. You want to grow your mind and soul, but are afraid of growing to find no place to embrace you.

Love Yourself

Our fear of what is to come is usually the reason why we stop climbing forward. Therefore, we stop fearing being pushed down. Fear is a good trait for reconsidering your choices, but it can also be a bad trait that’s stopping you from progressing into a beautiful being that you could become. This so called fear is nothing but a phantom that can be broken by you only. How to start? Love yourself and believe in it.

Why To Love Yourself

Dear reader, you have one of the most beautiful souls that exist once in a lifetime, so don’t waste it on second thoughts. Know how to set your eyes on what is beautiful: your soul.

We both know how far you can go. It is okay if you lose your path once every couple of days, because there’ll always be tomorrow. It is okay if others are running faster than you. Through your eyes, see only yourself running and enjoy every step of the way.

Overthink less

Instead of always planning what you want to be, plan who you don’t want to be. You will unconsciously be drawn into a positive energy that will give you happiness at any progress. Think nothing of time, others and piling responsibilities. Only think of how you are going to rise above all of that into your own satisfaction.

Finally, don’t stand in a daze. It is okay if you are a slow runner, but never stop running. Doing nothing won’t bring your desires or comfort; it will only bring you dullness and make you take longer to turn into a more beautiful being.

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