Uniquely, students are complicatedly different. And in an academic environment, their personalities are bound to shine through whether they like it or not. After half a semester in Birzeit University, you would come to recognize what kind of classmates you have. May it be elementary, high school, or university, these types of students will always appear in your classroom.

The Cinderella

Even if the lecture is at 12 o’clock, you’d best believe that Cinderella comes at least 15 minutes late. Cinderellas could be identified quickly with the following golden fact: A student’s tardiness on the first day of university determines his/her tardiness for the rest of the year. At least they come to class with both shoes on, right?

The Arm-lifter

It’s unknown if Arm-lifters actually go to the gym and lift weights, but how else could they continuously keep their arm in the air to participate, unless their limb could miraculously defy gravity? They always have to add to the topic at hand (no pun intended). Whether it be a fact, an answer, a suggestion, know that this student is ready to lift an arm. If you still can’t differentiate this student, he/she is probably getting straight A’s.

The Dora

Every class has a Dora; a student that asks the most obvious questions known to man. The professor might have been explaining the same point for half the time, and Dora will naturally ask a simple, unrelated question that was answered moments ago. It’s totally okay to participate and leave the lecture without confusion, but questioning the obvious at all times drives others insane, especially at 8 am. We forgive you.

The Snake

Don’t be surprised if you hear a “pssst” in the middle of an exam. You could be minding your own business but the class Snake will always feel free to ask for ‘assistance’ in the slickest way possible. Professors and proctors may resort to switching the Snake’s location to prevent them from potentially cheating. However, they are all futile attempts since, coincidentally, these particular students know everyone in the room (because they are most likely social and popular), making their chances of ‘sharing information’ greater than ever. It’s no wonder the exam room sounds like a desperate snake jungle all the time. “Pssst, what’s number two?” “Psst. Did you study?” “Psst, Psst.” Cheating is wrong folks. Stay in school.

The Lost One

The lecture hall is a maze in the eyes of The Lost Ones. They don’t know why they registered for the course, how they got into such a lost position, or what they are supposed to do in life at that point. They tend to carry bored or confused facial expressions most of the time. Lost ones are typically stereotyped as freshmen, which is ironic considering the many fourth-year students who have no idea what they’re doing as graduation draws near. Regardless, it’s absolutely okay to be lost, because technically nobody really knows what they’re doing. After all, every classroom has a Lost One.

The Jawwal

The student who leaves the lecture hall every time to catch a phone call, like it’s some sort of sacred ritual, is called Jawwal. No matter what day or course, they will never hesitate to excuse themselves. Jawwal is the student who frantically leaves the room thirty minutes into the class discussion with a vibrating phone in hand. Sometimes, when they aren’t bombarded with phone calls, you could spot them secretly using their phone at the back of the class. “Wait, what was the professor saying again?”

The Ghost

You would be lucky if you saw The Ghost, because their presence in lecture classes is rare. It’s rather difficult making friends with a Ghost considering they’re always absent. In the special times Ghosts actually attend their classes, they are categorized into two main types: The Social Ghost and The Quiet Ghost. The student could either be a ball of energy that lightens up the class’s atmosphere with their remarks, or a quiet, introverted specimen who doesn’t participate enough to establish their presence. Welcome to the Birzeit University Ghost Society!

The Comedian

This type of student is just downright hilarious, and sometimes, he/she doesn’t even know it. When an opportunity arises, they could easily throw a comment into the conversation and immediately have the entire lecture hall burst into laughing-fits. Effortlessly, comedians could lighten up anyone’s day with their one-liners and sarcastic remarks. If only they could teach us their ways.

The Fashionista

Whether it be an 8 am class or a Sunday makeup class, this person will always come to lectures with style. You can never catch Fashionistas dismissing a clothing rule or undergo a wardrobe malfunction. They just can’t help dressing up because it’s their nature to style. Need a tip from the fashion department? Find your class’s Rihanna.

These types of students are bound to appear in your classroom. They could be your friends, family, or even you.

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