You want to write a book but you have no story to tell. You want to start up a Youtube channel but you have nothing to talk about. You are willing to create a business but you have no idea what to go for. You want to go to the gym but keep fast food meals in front of you. Simple and easy, don’t do it. If you got something you are passionate about, it should be quite natural. You should not have to overthink it. Get your stuff ready and go on. It is a thought then an action, not the other way around.

Place Yourself Where You Belong

This does not mean that you are not suitable for this position, absolutely not! It means that your personality suits another place. Your supernatural powers and your wonderfully creative ideas fit a place of your own. You are an outstanding person who is determined to create a masterpiece. You are not a bad person, you are just in the wrong field. Once you put yourself in the place you belong to, your actions will glow and shine up the universe.

But what if you don’t have any interests or hobbies?

Fish them out. Attend several conferences on different topics. Participate in miscellaneous camps, either as a member or a head. Read more and watch more. Volunteer as much as you can. Make friends with people who hustle and work hard to achieve their goals. Be patient and do not kill yourself with negative vibes. As a matter of fact, everyone is special in something and not everyone has discovered this part of themselves yet. It may be just a matter of time.


What’s next?

The next question that pops up in your mind is “How do I overcome my fears and start doing the thing I am passionate about?” Simple and easy, just do it. Do not think about it, just do it. You will always find that, in the end, there was nothing really scary. You will wish that you’d never felt scared and you’ll be very glad that you did it. Unless it is putting your hands in an electric toaster, don’t do that.

Practice makes perfect!

You are here on this planet to create something extraordinary. Do not beat yourself up if you haven’t done anything or started yet. Practice means perfect. Fail several times to reach the top of your own special mountain. I am not saying it is easy, but it is definitely worth it.

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