If you ever happened to hear about one’s success story, you will find it full of rebellion, enthusiasm and dedication. Why? Because that is how we reach the glory waiting at the end of this journey. Ever heard of the saying, “No pain no gain”? It means you have to be cut by the thrones to be able to snatch the beautiful rose.

Don’t Be Afraid

One must carefully plan every step. But at the same time, don’t be afraid to jump into the dark ocean just because it is dark. Let your soul light the dark ocean; let the voice of the lovely mermaids guide the way. Each of us has obstacles of their own. The only difference is that some choose to scream their insides while others choose to cry in hiding.

Overcome All Obstacles

Think of every challenge as an opportunity for your soul to grow, and every definer as a glass that must be shattered. Most importantly, do not walk by the shattered glass without looking at your own reflection; you must always be aware of your own evolution and implications.

Stay Focused

Never lose sight of what you were, are and going to be. It is very easy to lose path in the quickly evolving world, so never let your guard down and keep your eyes on the prize.

Slient Zone

Photography art by: Firas Abu Hebieh


Lastly, no matter how hard it rains, never stop smiling. It is your only weapon against their prejudice and negativity. One glowing soul is enough to light up the universe.

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