Sitting beside the window and listening to the tic tac, tic tac sound. What a satisfying scene, right? Of course, this is the ultimate goal in this weather, but it is not a good reason to like winter. This fact becomes clear when you step out the door and witness the following reasons for why you shouldn’t like winter:

  1. When does winter even start? Here in Palestine, you don’t know when winter starts. One day it is warm and sunny, then it suddenly starts raining cats and dogs. The weather changes per day, so the hibernation of those cats and dogs is interrupted continuously.
  2. Getting splashed with water. Those days when you’re running fast on the street to reach your destination, and at the very inappropriate moment, a car splashes you with water. As if the rain falling from above is not enough.


  4. It gets dark earlier. When you have a lecture ending at 5 pm it feels like you leave the university at midnight. I prefer it to be bright for longer but winter, being a stubborn time of the year, will not allow it.

  5. The worst month. Winter contains the month of February; the shortest month of the year. So you can not plan anything on the 29th, 30th or 31st. You can sometimes plan on the 29th, but that’s only once in every four years. Also, did I write “February” correctly? It is even the hardest month to spell! 
  6. You will gain tons of kilograms. While you are trying to get cozy and warm, your stomach will call out for you too. Not only your mouth will scream ‘Chubby Bunny’, but your whole body as well.

I think these are enough reasons to show why winter is horrible. The third one summarizes it all. I mean, winter wouldn’t be that horrible if you carried your home along with you like a snail, without the need to drown every day.

Wait a minute…If a snail loses its shell, is it homeless or naked? Comment below! 😉