After many decades have passed over the great two wars, we stand here as Palestinians waiting for our turn to also have the title and sovereignty of a real country. Standing on the sidelines, we watch them play our parts and tell us to step aside so they can move easier. Oh dear, Excuse me!

We can’t step aside!

We, Palestinians, aren’t the type of people to just accept to “step aside”. We will squeeze our way out of whatever we are being pushed into. All thanks should be to the highly educated individuals and the natural smart wit of a Palestinian.

All is one and one is all!

It is true that international and regional conflicts aren’t in our favor. But first, we are the people who can wait on borders for hours and still make it on time. Second, we are the people who can study, land two part-time jobs and go through career training all at once. Third, we are the people who go through political and economic conflicts each day to finally spend time with friends and family in an authentic, Palestinian, lovable atmosphere where all is one, and one is all.

Together to break the sweat and enjoy a delicious cup of tea…

What is most favorable about Palestinian culture is that no matter what obstacles you have today, my friend, put them aside and come have a nice sip of tea. As telepathy connects our Palestinian minds, we know when to break the sweat together and when to enjoy the soccer game with the rest of the neighborhood. Oh, and we cannot forget that delicious cup of tea.

Mint Tea

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