University is a time for adventures and explorations either inside or outside classes. You are here in the most magical part of your life; the time in which you are no longer a child but still not fully an adult. Those 4-6 years, which go by quicker than you think, are worth such memorable experiences and amazing opportunities as well.

Most of the suggestions you will read below are easy to achieve and are done unconsciously. Others need determination and patience, but all are beneficial for you and your future. Here are some of my suggestions:

  1. Master a second language. University is full of people from many cultures who can benefit you. Attend their exhibitions. Have long deep and serious conversations with them. Read more. Visit the libraries and grab a helpful book. Learn a new language and in approximately four years, what a pride it will be!
  2. Break rules. ‘Hack’ a class that you are not signed up in and receive information about something new. Stay awake for 24 hours without even being busy. Eat dinner at midnight and breakfast in the afternoon. Watch the sunset and leave campus when it’s dark.
  3. Snag an internship. Push yourself out of your comfort zone and make yourself invaluable. Try and fail at something, fail big and fail early. It can be useful because when you apply for a job, you will already be a step ahead.
  4. Make new friends. Don’t be shy. Get up and break the ice between you and your classmates, even students outside your classroom. Step up and start a conversation. Create at least one true life-long friendship to complete the path with you after graduating.

  5. Explore a bit. Learn the ins and outs of your buildings. Discover shortcuts or make some of your own. Search for possible secret tunnels, like the ones in Hogwarts!
  6. Last but not least, Follow Birhakaya! It is a community built by the Palestinian youth, particularly university students. You can share your own experience and get inspired by other students’ experiences as well. It’s a good chance to get yourself involved in this community, don’t waste it!

My best advice for you is to take as many photos as possible. A couple of years later, they will bring back so many beautiful memories. Even if you are just chilling around doing nothing. Take. Photos.

Group Selfie

But first, lets take a selfie!

What are your suggestions? Comment down below!