Hi, my name is Rama, a 17-years-old Palestinian freshman, And here’s my journey of becoming a full time UNICORN that only leaves rainbows behind:

It all started with me watching Lilly Singh’s vlogs, I can safely say that I was brainwashed by her videos but in a good way! Lilly is one of those people who hustles hard every single day and has so much love for everyone, so she was the perfect role model that I could ever have.


She came up with a campaign called “GirlLove” that fights girl-on-girl hate, and I decided to take part in this campaign so I can make an actual change out there even if it was so tiny, little did I know that this will change many lives including mine.

Since then, I’ve started to complement all the things that I like in other girls, it became normal for me to come up to a random girl and just tell her that her eyes are beautiful for example, or that I like her shirt, this didn’t only make their days better and raised their confidence level-the main purpose of GirlLove-, but it opened my eyes to all the beauty that had always been around me and in me, that I’ve never recognized before!

And yes, it was hard at the beginning but I’m so glad that I took the risk and gave this a shot!

The best decision I’ve ever made!

It’s not easy to embrace people’s beauty and success, because we as human beings always want to stand out and be the best ever, and that’s why people tend to bash others; so they can feel better about themselves.

So by doing that, I put my pride aside and just accept that others are better than me right now in those things, so I appreciate their efforts what they are in general and become motivated to work harder on myself to conquer life and evolve to the best!
This was the beginning of everything, after that I’ve decided to widen the circle of my targets to include everyone and everything, and it was the best decision I’ve ever made!

Beauty is everywhere!

This made me realize that there is beauty in everything around us, and not being able to see that beauty in somethings doesn’t contradict my idea, it’s just that we are looking at things from the wrong angels.
All of that transformed me into an accepting human being who has nothing but support and love for everyone no matter what, now i’m only showered with love, positivity and true advice from my friends and loved ones because I’ve provided those for them before.

This made me realize that ‘yes, love can definitely be a lifestyle, and would be the perfect lifestyle for anyone.

Give it a shot!

I know that some people will attack this and will say that I should leave my naive dreams aside, I’d like to invite those people to give this a shot, I didn’t believe in those thoughts at the beginning too and I thought that this was some perfection bullsh*t that no one can actually apply in his\her life, but apparently it’s not! Even if you are still against this, I love you.

let me love you

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