“I’ve never thought that I’d come this far, working in Steam was my wildest dream.” (Dawoud)

Who is Dawoud?

Dawoud is a second year IT student who is a source of inspiration for me and many others. He’s hands-down the most successful human being I’ve ever met! Not only is he successful in his career, but he’s also a very nice human being whose main purpose in life is to make others happy. And even when he’s at his worst days and feeling tired, he would push that aside and try to be hyped and positive just to make people’s day.

He built himself from nothing till he became this successful. Now he works in a set in one of the best companies out there and has more positions than anyone could ever have in a lifetime! For example, he’s the best seller of “G2PLAY” and “Kinguen”, works at Steam (The most popular digital gaming distribution platform that has the best game sales nowadays.), makes designs in Graphicriver, etc.

How did it all start?
It all started when Dawoud came across a website that was offering free codes for some random/basic games. Then, he took those codes and tried to sell them on Kinguin. He was the happiest person on earth when he sold 25 codes and made his first shekel (0.28$)! After that, he started hunting for better game codes giveaways so his profit rose even more.

Two and a half years later, he became the best-seller on the website with over 70,000 closed deals and, as a result, he was offered to work in Steam. That made a lot of things easier for him because now he doesn’t have to search for codes; he can just make them! Now, after almost 5 years, Dawoud has over 3 million closed deals on Kinguin and has a signed contract to build his own website when he graduates.  

The Biggest Challenges
Sleeping! Dawoud sleeps an average of 2 hours per day which makes me really consider the possibility that he’s an alien! He has a strict all-night schedule for work and attends college in the morning. I asked how he can manage to pull all-nighters every single day. His answer was that there are no breaks in his jobs and that he has to be constantly working. If he didn’t do that he would eventually lose everything and go back to the zero point! So he basically has no time to even feel tired.

A Piece of Advice for the Youth
If you are willing to work hard on yourself and to ignore all the negative people around you, you will get there and you will be one of the best, if not the best, in your field. Whether it’s art, science, sports, business or any other field that you really like! You just have to find that one thing that inspires you the most and work on improving yourself in it; that’s exactly what I have done. Plus, be thankful for whatever happens. If something nice happens, appreciate and enjoy it. If it’s bad, try to stay calm and positive because the sunshine will always come after the rain.

Do you have a success story that you’d like to share with us? You’re welcome anytime!