What if we lived in an alternate universe where the Palestinian population participated in an annual event such as Black Friday, a shopping holiday in America, but instead of rushing to purchase clothes and items, we would hastily pursue freshly baked desserts? I’m sure you wouldn’t want to miss that day for the world. I mean, I would want to be first in line to get a dish! There are five famous Palestinian desserts that will definitely blow you away:


The most common Palestinian sweet, Knafeh, was originated in Nablus. It’s made of cheesy pastry drenched in sugary syrup topped off with grounded pistachio. Typically, Kanafeh is made differently depending on which area you’re trying it in. For example, unlike Nablus, the Gaza Strip makes it without cheese. Also, you may see this dessert in two different forms: spread out like pizza, either rough or soft textured, or rolled up like cake rolls.



Another mouthwatering, traditional dessert is Hilba; a customary sweet thick cake bar made of fenugreek seeds and sweetened with a sugar syrup. This is a totally vegan dessert, so if you love your greens, then this is your dessert! In special occasions, receiving a tray of Hilba is quite normal in Palestinian tradition.


This third sweet is not only commonly known in Palestine but in the Middle East as well. However, in Palestine, it is known as Namora. Drenched in sugary syrup, it’s essentially a semolina cake that will satisfy any sweet tooth. Namora is also known as Hareesa in a couple of countries. Both Hilba and Namora are usually topped with almonds. Are you hungry yet?

Rice Pudding

Also, rice pudding is no doubt a must-try. It’s a dessert well known in Palestine and other neighboring countries, and it is typically garnished with cinnamon to add wonderful flavor.


The last but not the least of the five delicious sweets is Tamriyeh. It’s essentially golden cushions of paper-thin batter that is loaded with semolina pudding. This dessert is typically served while hot and is sprinkled with powdered sugar. It can’t get any better than that, right?

With the knowledge of merely five of the many Palestinian desserts, you may have an idea of what to get first on a potential Palestinian Black Friday. If you haven’t tried any of these dishes, then it is a cruel world indeed.

What is your favorite Palestinian dessert?