Mothers. We love them so much regardless of what they say to us. However, we have to admit that, sometimes, they can be pretty harsh. Palestinian Moms, though, are on a whole different level. Here are 10 most common quotes we hear Palestinian Mothers say all the time:

  1.      “You never help!” They exclaim after five minutes of rejecting our assistance.

Really? Are you sure, Mom?

You never help in cleaning

  1.      “You should be more like *insert relative or friend.* He/she is a responsible adult.”

Don’t parents usually encourage the idea of ‘being yourself’? Oh wait, we’re Palestinian.

Be your cousin

  1.        “Why are you always on the phone?”

Because it’s #2017. We regret using our phones when they tell us to Google everything.

Thanks for the advice.

If my phone dies, I die

  1.     “You keep spending money! Do I look like a bank?”

We’re not spending money. We’re helping the economy.

Money Bank

  1.  “Why are you always in your room?” They ask before commenting on how we go out too much.

Which one is it?

get out of you room

  1.     “Study.”

We especially love it when we hear this in the middle of studying.

Why do you go to shoool

  1.       “A 90% on your exam? Why didn’t you get a 100%?”

What can we say? It’s “Naseeb”.


  1.   “Wash the dishes.”

It’s very normal to hear this phrase right when we finish studying.

  1.     “Because I said so,” they say to justify their points.

We can’t argue with that explanation.

Because I said so

  1.  “When you get married,” they say to almost anything we want in life.

Whether it be traveling, moving out, or even getting a pet, we should put our bucket list aside until we get a ring.

When you get married

Palestinian mothers will never change their hilarious remarks;, but no matter what they do,  we still love them with all our hearts.

What common phrases does your mom use? Tell us in the comments.